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We all have expectations, demands, and responsibilities to juggle. But showing up as your best self in all areas of your life means first honouring your own needs, too.
Because when you seek balance, you’ll find yourself.


Be inspired by the wisdom and experience of others as you grow through shared knowledge and self-reflection.


Join an inclusive, open community of like-minded women and connect with others also on a journey of discovery.


Find Balance

Re-energise and reconnect with your own femininity, sense-of-self and playfulness by letting go, taking time for your own wellbeing and embracing your passions.

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Our curated events connect women, mothers and business owners with nurturing advice and inspiring conversations.

Hi there, I’m

Karina Bolland

I am the facilitator and founder of Balancing Act.

My vision was to create a forum, free from judgment, where women from different walks of life could share in the knowledge and experience of others; where they could express themselves, their stories, and their vulnerabilities; and where they could find guidance and inspiration that supported them in all areas of their lives.

Balancing Act has now grown to a community of wellbeing experts and workshop attendees who are connecting through conversations, through shared experiences, and through their desire for creating more balance for themselves as women, mothers and professionals.

About Karina Bolland

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Understanding How Science & Spirituality Combat Stress and Anxiety

SPEAKER: Tarryn Bellingham

7 Aug 2022 – 11AM-2:30PM

OM Yoga Studio 

We will start with a beautiful heart-opening yoga class with Mari-Helena Colbert. This will allow us to open our hearts, let go of our thoughts, and to-do lists to really get present. You will witness how the practice will positively change your day even when off the mat.

This workshop will cover:

  • What is energy from a science and spiritual viewpoint
  • How to rewire your mindset
  • How to create strong energetic boundaries
  • High vibe versus low vibe activities
  • Modeling strategies for the entire family unit

The workshop also includes:

  • Balancing Act goodie bag with beautiful local wellness brands
  • Plant-based snacks from Rawlicious
  • Better tea’s delicious herbal tea
  • Connecting with like-minded people to spark new magic in your life
Tarryn Bellingham

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