Barre by Balancing Act delivers a dynamic, fun, and high energy workout. Expect a low impact yet full body intense sculpting session.

Strong, supported and connected.

Barre by Balancing Act is guaranteed to leave you feeling long, strong and high on endorphins.

Barre by Balancing Act also provides a wellbeing community of like minded people getting stronger together and having a great time in the process.



Mindfully move your whole body to fun and upbeat music, suitable for all fitness levels, leaving you feeling energised.


Barre by Balancing Act is a mind-body workout and encourages you to be fully present, connecting body and mind.



Moving your body with a community of inspiring, supportive and fun women.

Barre and sculpting

Embrace the burn, soak up the collective energy, connect to your body and feel stronger.

Hi there, I’m

Karina Bolland

I am the facilitator and founder of Balancing Act.

My initial vision was to create a community through workshops where women from different walks of life could share in the knowledge and experience of others; where they could express themselves, their stories, and their vulnerabilities; and where they could find guidance and inspiration that supported them in all areas of their lives.

Balancing Act has now expanded to a workout space focusing on Barre and Sculpting classes. Barre by Balancing Act’s signature class includes a sculpting series to begin with that focuses on deep abdominal support, balance and connection throughout your body followed by a full body workout with no muscles untouched. The class will make you feel stronger, healthier and more in tune with your body and mind.

All equipment is provided, just bring yourself and a bottle of water (it is advised to either come bare feet or to wear pilates grip socks – these are available to purchase in class).


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