Welcome to Balancing Act!

Welcome to Balancing Act, a place that celebrates, supports and inspires busy, modern women in New Zealand so they feel more enriched at the end of the day. It’s the ultimate forum to help likeminded women find a way to live a balanced, healthy, nourished and fulfilling life.

As women, whether we are mothers or not, we juggle many responsibilities, sometimes leaving us feeling overwhelmed, run down, or like we are losing ourselves. It is just as important to take care of ourselves spiritually and mentally as it is to take care of ourselves physically.

Balancing Act brings together inspirational and talented wellness influencers from New Zealand and around the world, sharing their professional advice and experiences on wellness topics specifically for women. We want to inspire and motivate you to lead a more nourished life by giving you real-world ideas to incorporate into your own daily routine. We support each other on this journey, and the tips provided are just small things to get you started.

Balancing Act also provides women with the opportunity to take a break and have time for themselves in an uninterrupted environment with other women with whom they can relate. We will soon begin offering workshops on topics that will help you on your journey of balancing your mind, body and soul. Please check back frequently for updates and workshop offerings.

The Balancing Act blog and workshops are about you and for you; it is about helping you to achieve a more healthy, enlightened and a peaceful balance. Balancing Act is a sharing environment where women can learn from each other’s experiences and ask questions in an emotionally safe, encouraging and nonjudgmental atmosphere.


"After attending a couple of Balancing Act workshops, I can honestly say they are a great retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With a carefully curated line up of wellness professionals, always beautifully styled and catered with delicious and healthy treats, I left feeling truly relaxed, inspired and motivated. I would highly recommend to anyone needing a little time out and self love."

Irene Carlyle - Attendee

"I had the pleasure of attending the Wellness Retreat that Balancing Act put on this past weekend. It was such an awesome afternoon. The yoga session was very relaxing and I learnt lots more about essential oils. Tarryn was a fantastic speaker and I enjoyed listening to her advice. I would highly recommend attending these events as its a great opportunity to take time for yourself, as we all deserve it."

Annaliese Arnold - Attendee

"I am now hooked on these informative sessions. I've attended the Make up workshop and the Nutrition workshop, both I learnt alot from. The sessions are small and intimate with a lovely bunch of like minded Mums. I like that Karina has varied the time the workshops are held to accommodate everyone. The evening session was a rare treat out, away from the chaos of home, to enjoy a wine, sensation food and fine company. During the day session it was easy to take my baby along. I can't wait to see what Karina has instore for for the next one? We are so fortunate to have this service available which is specifically for Mums, it has expanded my knowledge in areas of interest to me. Karina has managed to get a variety of very talented people to talk to us to promote and educate on a variety of topics. Highly recommended."

Kay Glendining - Attendee

"I've really enjoyed attending Balancing Act's monthly events. I like the variety and how the content is informative, diverse, interesting and very relevant to my life (which seriously is in need for some balancing!). I'll definitely be attending the next events as I'm keen on learning more about how to manage my work life balance but also, learn about myself. Karina's enthusiasm and sincere love for what she's doing to help other mums like herself is another thing that inspires me to try and improve on the little things whether it's physical or mental balance. Can't wait to attend more fun and inspiring events!"

Marian Makkar - Attendee

"Absolutely wonderful workshops."

Chantal Hofstee - Speaker and owner at Renew your mind Psychology practice Auckland


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