On March 11 we welcomed Belinda Wiley, sex and relationship coach, for an open, relaxed and intimate chat on some topics that are so often off table. 

Belinda Wiley knows what it’s like to feel like you’ve lost the spark in your long-term relationship – but she also knows what it takes to reignite it through empowering your own sexuality. This workshop was an engaging opportunity to explore frequently taboo topics like sex, desire and inimacy in an open and frank discussion with a certified sex and relationship coach.

In a deviation from our usual style, this format was more like a conversation among friends, as I interviewed Belinda and let the conversation lead where the questions took us. It also meant that all the women in attendance could also contribute their own questions, creating a space where everyone felt comfortable to be curious, without fear of judgement or shame.


For me, it was an opportunity to be more closely involved with the conversation on the day. Having spent considerable time researching the most-asked questions among women before the event, it was great to dig a little deeper into conversations that I know are so often overlooked.

Belinda shared with us communication practices that can help couples build and maintain their connection over time – in particular ‘desires, fears and loves’, which is about creating space for each partner to be honest about what they want, what they are afraid of and what they love most about their partner. A valuable source of further reading on the topic of reclaiming your feminine power that Belinda mentioned during the interview was Pussy: A Reclamation by Regna Thomashauer. It is all about the source of your feminine power like you haven’t heard talked about before, and how to use it!


For the women who attended, I know this workshop was a good reminder about prioritising intimacy and self-love with yourself, first. As you reacquaint yourself with your own sexuality, and spark curiosity within yourself, you’ll begin to feel more empowered to take that energy into your intimate relationship. Like anything, when we do the work and show up for ourselves first, it means we’re better equipped to show up for others in the way we really want to.

If you were unable to make the workshop, you can still learn more from Belinda, as she is set to launch her new podcast, The Well Fucked Wife. And of course, if you’d like to explore your own relationship more, you can also book a call with Belinda to find out more about her private coaching sessions.


Thank you to everyone who joined us and contributed to this wonderful workshop – and a special thank you also goes to the sponsors of this event! Shout out to Linden Leaves, IWona-B, The LUXE EDIT, Diane James, Vania, Tan in the City. And my gorgeous Photographer Diana Saunders.

For our next event on the 19th of June, we welcome life coach Tracy Manu from Blossom, who will share with us actionable ideas around breaking free from limiting beliefs and unlocking your full potential. Tracy is an inspirational speaker and coach, who speaks from the heart about empowering the strength of the feminine and creating a life you love!

So, put this Mini Urban Retreat in your calendar! This event will take place at Om Studio in Stonefields and will start with a dance class (for all levels) followed by a healthy snack break before our discussion with Tracy. Find out more about it and book your place here.