I am SUPER excited to share my interview with the amazingly talented and inspirational Lize Ligthelm!

Equally beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, Lize is a clinical psychologist at Renew Your Mind and a huge advocate for health and wellness.

Her passion and approach is grounding. She helps people form closer connections with themselves which improves their overall wellbeing and connections with others.
She believes that the most powerful ways in which we can enhance this connection is through mindfulness.

We are very lucky to have her in our next workshop on October 26, her incredible zest for life and wealth of knowledge will inspire you!


How would you define mindfulness?

Noticing…observing… awareness…with compassion and kindness.

What does “me time” look for you? I enjoy being active so in the week it would be a hot-room yoga or a run to unwind. On the weekends I love exploring markets and beaches with loved ones and booking that mini-getaway to a “yet to be explored” place.

Have you always been into health and wellness or was there a specific light bulb moment?

I come from quite a health-focused family, so there has always been an awareness. However, I would say my real light bulb moment was probably around 2010 when I really got into my yoga practice and started paying more attention to my body’s needs rather than the “should’s and the “have to’s” in terms of food or exercise.

How do you encourage your family and friends to live a more mindful life?

My father has a stress-related auto-immune disease which has really sparked many conversations about slowing down – in essence being more mindful. Stress management is thus really close to home. In that sense I find myself leaning towards “leading by example is everything” 🙂

How do you control your negative thoughts when you have them?

We will talk all about this during the workshop 🙂

Do you have a daily routine?

I guess I am a creature of habit…my favourite time of the day is early morning. I like to wake up early to allow time for a leisurely breakfast. and some planning or reflection time. It eases me into the day. Then it is time for work. I love incorporating some movement in the afternoon – be it a walk, a run, or a yoga class. Weekends are all about breaking the routine a little bit 🙂

What do you do for relaxation?

I have a slight obsession with sunsets and sunrises so I try – as much as I can – to discover this along with gorgeous beach walks. I also find laughter with friends or loved ones over a glass of wine and a good meal therapeutic. If life gets really action-packed, I try to squeeze in a mindfulness practice as often as I can during my day. It keeps me grounded. This can be as simple as carrying essential oils with me and finding time to smell or rub it on my hands (peppermint-orange combination by the way is heavenly!)

Your favourite affirmation?

Unleash yourself, you deserve to thrive!