Meet the gorgeous Kelly Watt – mother of two, modern day alchemist, chef, reflexologist, and yogi!

The clever co-founder of TRUE Food & Yoga, whips up delicious treats full of colour and creativity then moves on to her yoga mat with so much ease, grace and energy! When she is off her yoga mat, the kitchen is her sanctuary, it is the place she feels the most creative and inspired. She loves to tinker with Essential Oils and exotic ingredients to come up with an interesting and delicious meal or treat to share with her children and friends. She is also a sensation junkie, she loves beautiful scented candles, different fabrics, flowers, food, sunsets, nature and PEOPLE!

I had the pleasure to have a deep chat with Kelly to talk everything from cooking to healing a heartbreak. Kelly is full of wisdom and I promise you her fun & positive energy is contagious!


The hardest thing about separating…

That’s an interesting one… ha ha umm my own emotional roller coaster whilst supporting my children through theirs along with staying true to my personal values during the process.

I am respectful, kind, caring, open and honest by nature but how to stay true to my values, understanding both sides and remaining kind, open and honest is not always easy. Unfortunately, money, the ego and fear can turn people ugly. I have always been an advocate of speaking my truth, letting my guard down – I am not into pre planned questions and ulterior motives.

All the formalities are also draining, from lawyers to financial advisors. And to be honest the fear of being hungry and homeless can be real, especially when children are involved. I have been used to the balancing act with the father traveling the majority of the year for many years, but this time it is a different kind of balancing act –  I now see this as a very important period for my children’s wellness, hearts, minds and general wellbeing.

I promise myself to help and support them in the best of my ability and with the help of other women around me. I will be calling Shirley Pastiroff from Renew Your Mind very soon for some mindful parenting advice! I have learnt to show my vulnerability and reach out when I need the help.

Self care is now also another priority, getting enough sleep, no alcohol, maintaining a healthy mind and energy levels so I can take care of my children the best way possible.

The best advice I received…

From a male perspective is to sleep on any emails I am tempted to send as a reactive reply.

Another piece of advice was to talk to the right people, people I can trust. Writing and journaling helps me process my emotions, I even circle and highlight things so that I can understand them better. Sometimes resisting an emotion or feeling stuck can negatively affect my whole day – It can feel like a tsunami, I often talk to myself out loud and say “ride the wave Kelly”!

Motherhood has taught me…

There are times my kids are my teachers, I love the way they just say it how it is! I guess I haven’t necessary evolved as an adult this way either. Kids are pure hearts and minds, and my children are my heart running around on 2 legs. The funniest lesson is I used to take hours to get ready in the morning, now I take minutes!  I am sure kids all over the world have taught us mothers a long list of what really matters in this life! To them, to us and the world!

Top of the list is definitely quality time – it is the love currency.

Never in my life I would have imagined my former glam puss London fashion loving self doing the school run in slippers or on time poor days PJs! Kids I love you for that!

They make me step out of my comfort zone, embrace it, and laugh about it. Perhaps the smurfette onesie was taking it too far though!


How do you get the kids to help out…

Bribery and corruption of course, incentive pocket money, reward charts, the key lesson though is to explain that everyone has a job to do in the home. I remind them that they are part of the team to make it a home.

I am lucky that my kids love vacuuming, window cleaning, cooking, washing the dog, walking the dog, gardening, and doing the dishes. I have incentivised them with pocket money –  a dollar a good deed or a duty.

Of course at times it can be hard work, it’s important to remember we were a kid once too, we need to be clear of our expectations and reward them when necessary.

Top things that make me happy…

People! Community is important to me, my kids, my friends, yoga, animals, barefoot beach walks & coffee.

Getting outside in nature, a good pot of tea in bed and cuddles with kids on the weekend. Bath time with lotions and potions & candles, music & dancing, yoga retreats, travel, chocolate, nutritious food & french fries!

Things I do to make the daily juggle easier…

Cut corners at times – not everything has to be the best or perfect. I try to get organised the night before. I am not naturally that kind of person but I am now. I also learnt to say no at times, “under commit and over deliver” is my new moto. I was always a “yes” girl, not this smurfette ? I now carve time out each week for “me time” even if it is a bath, a coffee in quiet, dog walks with no phone.

I resist the urge to fill the diary and be busy all the time, my inner Kelly would say “oh but it’s fun and I want to play” -but a calmer and less cranky mum is more fun.

Teach kids to be more independent, this helps and has always been a goal of mine.

My top tips on balancing motherhood and career…

It is definitely a balacing act! I would say be honest with yourself  – if  work and mum time is off balance then change things around, assess the choices at hand. Things always evolve and I am learning to adapt to every situation.

I let the kids know they are 1st and if I can cancel or reschedule work to be with them then I will. I am always honest with them and remind them that they will always be 1st on my list – most of the time that helps to make them feel valued and loved.

I really want to say here – working mums, stay at home mums, single mums, happily married mums, step mums, foster mums – we are all sisters.

The thing I love the most about what I do…

I love the variety and opportunities that arise. I will give most things a go, if it works repeat, if not lesson learnt.

My latest creation in the kitchen…

Smoked paprika sautéed tempeh with coconut yoghurt dip and fresh lime.

Fresh turmeric paste for lattes, in curries with kaffir lime leaf.

Chocolate bliss balls with toasted buckwheat buckinis, cacao Elle’s protein and pink Himalayan salt.

Roast eggplant with Kasundi or white miso ginger and toasted sesame.

Can’t decide he he I have tried all of these this week!

My ultimate bliss would be …

On holiday in the islands sipping fresh coconuts, laying on a hammock with my kids playing close by. Sharing laughter with my girlfriends and yogi buddies, a guitar playing close by. Knowing a yoga practise was complete for the day, the mind clear and dreaming about what healthy food I am about to enjoy and truly living in the moment.

Enjoying music, yoga friends, good food & sunshine.