It isn’t uncommon for our makeup routine to fall on the bottom of our morning schedule. I know we can all recall the times when we quickly rub some concealer to cover under eye circles or any blemishes as we’re rushing to get the kids out of the house.

But a bit of makeup can definitely make you look more polished, confidant and fresh! It can even give us a mood boost!

How do we find the time for makeup when you’re juggling feeding babies, changing nappies, entertaining toddlers and dropping the kids to activities.

Eleanor Dorn

Makeup artist Eleanor Dorn shares her expert tips on creating simple makeup looks during the morning rush.

  1. BB cream.

If you are on the go and want a quick natural cover, apply a BB cream all over your face, this will nourish as well as give you a natural cover. Simply dot this on your cheeks, forehead and chin and blend with a foundation brush.

  2. Highlighter pen.

This is your best friend. Use this under your eyes to give them an instant boost as well as lift your cheekbones. Simply dot under the eyes and blend in with a blending brush.

  3. You an also use this a light concealer.
  4. Brows.

Tidying up your brows will automatically give you a polished look and also frame your face. Using a brow pencil, lightly fill in your brows accentuating your arch and filling in any patches.
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  5. Highlighting Shimmer.

Create the illusion of   gorgeous cheekbones by applying some highlighting powder. Pop this shimmer powder on the cheekbones, lightly down the nose and chin to enhance and add a healthy glow to your face

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  6. Open the eyes.

Pop a dash of pearl/light coloured eye shadow in the most inner part of your eye to open them up, add some mascara for nice but natural eye.

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Cover image by Unsplash