While we are all forced to take a break and pause, I want to touch base with you. The coronavirus pandemic is feeling surreal and overwhelming. We are all in this together and we will get through it. 

I want to share some good vibes and resources you might find useful to help you through these tough times. 

Marie Forleo has recently asked on instagram: “How can I make this obstacle the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me?”

Could these challenging and unplanned cirsumtances help reset our world and can we detox all things that no longer serve us?

We can REALLY put things into perspective and live the life we have always wanted to live – AUTHENTICALLY. It may sound deep, but hey we got the time now to have a think and challenge ourselves to take at least 15 minutes today to journal your thoughts to this question. 

My biggest thing was to be more present and live less on “autopilot”. I want to be more present with my husband, children, myself, my home and loved ones. With coronavirus and our current lockdown, it is actually helping me become more present and hopefully I can take these learnings beyond this lockdown.

The other night, my husband and I were sitting in the living room, no screens, no TV, just sitting together reading and chatting. He was actually reading our coffee table book The Kinfold Home – Interiors for Slow Living. Instead of it being there just for decoration, he was reading it and sharing parts of the book that resonated with him. And I was reading my home beautiful magazine, I always find looking at beautiful inetriors quite relaxing. It was a very peaceful moment together, not worrying about the news or thinking about the craziness out there or scrolling through instagram – just enjoying each other’s company chatting away. 

I believe that with every challenge and obstacle we face, it is also a great opportunity to pause, in our case we are forced to stop and really be honest with ourselves and make the changes we have been wanting to make. 

So being present is a big one, what others can you think of?

  • Actually taking the time to meditate, I always seem to start a routine but never follow through. Check out Claire Robbie on Instagram for free daily meditations at 7pm NZ time. They are great! 
  • Breathe deeply and fully from the belly
  • Journal and take the time to make it a habit. This is a game changer. 
  • Connect and check up on friends and family through video, it makes such a big difference. Why not even create a zoom plate date? 🙂 
  • Slow down, there is nowhere to rush to, we have much more time now and the headspace to connect with ourselves. What is your favourite way to help reduce stress levels? 
  • For me it’s music and movement. This morning I did an online yoga class with YogawithKylie 
  • Everyone loves the feeling of a good workout. YouTube has loads of free workout videos. You can do it with the kids on Cosmic Kids Yoga, or try the 7 Min Workout by Down Dog app. The kids were telling daddy how mummy is training to become a ninja 🙂
  • Include more plant based meals into your diet. Check out The reckless Foodie for some yummy recipes. 
  • Play, go for walks with the kids. Let’s take this break as a 4 week school holiday – read stories, spend time in nature. Empower them to help around the house and feel like they are contributing. As Nathan Wallis said “let’s be with our children and chill out”. Check out his instagram with great regular tips. 
  • For those who have both parents working from home, set clear shifts so that the kids know mummy or daddy is working and will be done at x time.
  • Have faith and believe that all will be ok. “This too shall pass”.

Our life has become so fast pace and competitive, our current circumstances is a good reminder to put things into perspective. 

There is a proverb that says “A person who is healthy has a thousand dreams. A person who is sick has only one dream”. 

Perhaps it is a time to reset, create clearer boundaries and set new healthy habits. Something this big will push us all to live more authentically and live our ultimate dream once all of this madness is done. 

  • A fun way of letting go of limiting beliefs is writing down a list of negative beliefs/ old stories about yourself then burn the paper of rip it into 1000 pieces. It’s therapeutic 🙂

And P.S you don’t have to be positive 24/7. It is hard times, it will test us, things are completely disrupted, business is definetely not as usual and it does impact us all one way or another on many levels. So it’s ok to sit with these frustrated emotions, acknowledge them when they appear so that you can overcome them faster and move forward with an open mind and heart. 

I am sending you all so much love and health. We can do this and I know we will come out of this stronger and happier.