Last weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting my women’s wellness workshop series with Bianca Paine, founder of @oknowladies_ and Tracy Manu, coach & mentor and also podcast host of “The Soul Full Lounge”.

These workshops (and Balancing Act’s concept) are all about connection, learning and most importantly growth as an individual and as a community.

The first part of this workshop started off with an energetic and uplifting dance class lead by Bianca followed by a nourishing afternoon tea with delicious Rawlicious treats and a new beautiful herbal tea I discovered bettertea.

Then finally a reflective session with Tracy discussing and uncovering limiting beliefs, going through techniques and encouraging the cultivation of new thought patterns.

This was such an inspiring conversation. I hope that everyone walked away with a heightened appreciation of how powerful our beliefs are, and how important it is to make sure our mental programming is working for us and not against us. I also thought it would be insightful to share some of the top take-aways from the workshop.


1 – The power of movement

There is something very special about participating in an uplifting exercise class with a group of people, a community. The dance class wasn’t just about exercise, it was about letting go of what we think of ourselves, not worrying what others think of us and just moving to the beat of the music. There is so much research out there proving that dancing actually improves our mood and lifts our spirits. So if we want to level up our happiness, let’s boogie down and shake our booty.

2 – Guilt-free eating is more fun and delicious

I love sharing food with people especially wholesome and nourishing food! And I have been so lucky to regulary have Rawlicious as my caterer with Maz’s yummy treats perfectly demonstrated how clean eating can be (and should be) fun and amazingly delicious.

3 – Consciously creating a life we love

Tracy gave many handy tips and tricks to help us live our best life. She reminded us that each and every one of us have the ability to live life to the fullest, provided we consciously decide to do so. But it’s easier said than done, most of us, including myself (guilty as charged), are too “busy” rushing through our full lives, we’re not consciously creating it to look the way we want it to look.


A few takeaways from Tracy:

  • Wake in the morning and take a couple of slow deep breaths.  Set an intention for how you’d love your day to unfold and check in during the day to see if you’re choosing to stay aligned to your intention.
  • Cultivate a new empowering mantra.  Something you say consistently, which counteracts your old beliefs.  Put it as a reminder on your phone until it becomes natural.  
  • Often when we’re reacting to situations, we’re in a default belief, which can be formed from when we were younger.  When you notice these beliefs, acknowledge them, rather than push them away. Take three slow, deep breaths and then say something encouraging to yourself.  As you choose to observe, rather than be your reactions, you move into a more empowered state and your mind will open up to new possibilities and solutions. 
  • Finally, remember to be kind to yourself, celebrate the small successes and show up being your gorgeous self.
  • Book recommendation: You can heal your life by Louise Hay

For more on Tracy’s coaching sessions, check out Blossom

I am also hugely thankful for my beautiful brand sponsors, the goodie bags featured products from the Urban Herbalist, Iwona B, Karen Murrel provided by Media Jam.

4 – Connection with community

Through Balancing Act, my goal is to inspire people to live their best life and to make health and wellness fun and exciting. But my absolute favourite thing about the workshops is always the connections and relationships I’ve fostered, most of which started through the beauty of social media. But it is amazing when those relationships allow you to connect with such inspiring people in person – I am so grateful for these opportunities and hope you enjoyed them just as much I do!

And finally a shout out to our lovely Iwona B for having her gorgeous sustainable clothes. Such a nice touch to the session.

Until the next one, sending you so much love.


Karina x