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We help women reconnect with themselves through productive, nurturing, and inspiring conversations with leaders and experts in well-being, but also conversations between ourselves.

Meet the Founder

Karina Bolland

I became a mother in December 2013 in Dubai where my husband and I had been living. Seven months later, we relocated to New Zealand. The universe had handed me a lot in one go: a new country, a new role in life and a gorgeous new baby boy.

I was experiencing the ups and downs of motherhood in isolation. It was messy and beautiful, confusing and enlightening all in the same moment. I yearned for connection and to hear other women’s stories, yet I had few people I could lean on and learn from. Importantly, I also needed to reconnect with the woman I was before having my first child, while embracing the new woman I was becoming.


That is when I created Balancing Act

I turned my experience into a mission.

I wanted to offer a space where mothers and professional women could be equipped with the tools to do away with negativity and flourish; an environment where they could achieve balance in a supportive and nurturing community. 

It was my vision to see a world full of mothers who could be proud of themselves and adored by their families, and women who could confidently and authentically show up and serve the world with their best self.

There are plenty of changes that come with parenthood – the sleepless nights, juggling work commitments, new routines. But it’s the change to your inner world that can really set you off balance: the guilt, the uncertainty, the disconnect with your own identity.

There is no manual that comes with parenting. And even though our children may not always do what we say, they copy everything we do. If we want our children to grow into happy, secure, and confident people, we have to show them what that looks like.

This is why Balancing Act holds space for learning, self-reflection, and connection through movement, through good food, through enriching conversations, and through a sense of belonging. This is the community and kinship I needed in those early years of parenthood, and I’m excited to journey alongside other women as they learn, grow and find balance in their lives.

The power of community

  • Hear from knowledgeable speakers who will help you re-ignite and connect with your feminine strengths and innate wisdom as a woman.
  • Step out of your comfort zone, open your mind to new ideas and expand your circle through new connections.
  • Explore relatable topics in an open, inclusive, and judgment-free forum, from self-care and spirituality to intimacy, well-being, and personal growth.
  • Find the courage, inspiration, and empowerment from the stories shared by others, and by sharing your own.
  • Step out of the rush and chaos of every day, and take time to re-energise your mind and recharge your soul.

Balancing Act Values

Creating space for women to connect with each other.

Inspiring other women to live a balanced, happy life.

Providing practical tools and strategies for personal growth.

Find Your Balance

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