I am of Egyptian and Greek decent, a mother of two lovely boys. I am happily married to a very loving and supportive Kiwi man. We relocated to Meadowbank, Auckland from Dubai in 2014. Since then, I have been enjoying all the new discoveries that this beautiful country offers.

After living in six different countries, our relocation to New Zealand coincided with my becoming a full time mum for the first time, and adjusting to the many changes that come along with motherhood. Up until then I had been a Public Relations and Events Executive at Estee Lauder Companies and flourished in my career. By being surrounded by creative, inspirational people, at the end of every day I felt more enriched and like I had learned something. Being a mum in a new country was challenging, but extremely rewarding.  However, I also needed to find new ways to achieve a sense of enrichment.

Thanks to my family, the amazing sense of community in New Zealand, and maintaining my balance between fitness, healthy lifestyle habits and lots of gratitude, I was able to return to a balanced life. Since I was a young child, I have always been passionate about fitness. I remember watching my mother working out to Heather Locklear’s personal workout video and trying to imitate her various aerobic moves. I was a ballerina from the age of 5 until 18. I stopped ballet because of an unfortunate knee injury, but became involved with other forms of dance that were less invasive on the joints. Fitness was always a part of me.

During my first pregnancy, I started studying the principles of Pilates, as well as the anatomy of the body. Following my mum’s footsteps, I remember always loving to eat healthy and cook nourishing meals with her. Being raised in Egypt surrounded by fresh produce and farmers selling their fruits and vegetables at your door, clean eating was ingrained in me since a very young age. By combining physical, mental and nutritional approaches, I was able to reinvigorate the things that made me who I am.

After personally experiencing this transition, I wanted to create an environment where women can achieve balance together. Balancing Act fulfills my dream of connecting wellness professionals and like-minded women. We all have collective experiences to share, questions to ask, and things to learn. Let’s take the journey together!