By Lynne Walder
  1. Delegate!!
  2. Stop buying into the ‘Badge of Busy’, it’s become code for being successful and important but it’s creating unhappiness and stress.
  3. Book some coaching with me, and invest in some personal development, to identify what limiting beliefs are driving you. There may be some limiting beliefs at play around what the woman learned about being female/ a mum/ working.
  4. Find out what your ‘core’ values are, so you can prioritise, and INVEST your time rather than wasting it-T.V, internet, Facebook, texting, checking e-mails every 5 minutes.
  5. Do less-don’t over commit-Saying ‘No’ to someone else means saying ‘Yes’ to yourself! Schedule down time and space for YOU.
  6. Let go of guilt
  7. Let go of perfection-believing only you can do the job correctly.
  8. Let go of trying to control everything-the earth will still spin if your child doesn’t have a play date today
  9. Give up Multi-Tasking- it makes you fat & contributes to depression! Practice Monotasking instead!
  10. Spend time in the NOW. Go ‘SLOW’-Breathe
  11. Stop ‘Doing’ and start ‘Being’
  12. Put yourself at the top of your ‘To-Do’ list! Look at your ‘to-do’ list and estimate how much of what you have to do is for you, and how much is for others?