Balancing Act Wellness Workshops


Balancing Act offers workshops based in the Eastern Suburbs. These are designed to give you practical tips to incorporate into your everyday busy life. It brings together wellness and health professionals and connects you with like-minded women. The aim of the workshops is to make you feel empowered to make better lifestyle choices and to enjoy yourself!

If you are interested in becoming a guest speaker or a sponsor, please contact Karina at

In collaboration with Kelly from TRUE Food and Yoga we bring to you a unique and insightful evening. Come along and learn about mindful parenting with Shirley Pastiroff from Renew Your Mind.

Shirley counsellor and mother of 5 specialises in mindfulness based counselling. She is honestly a Guru!

Do you want to become a less stressed parent? Do you want to become a happier and healthier parent? 

Shirley teaches effective mindful parenting solutions to reduce parenting stress, improve relationships and create deep and lasting connections with your children. 
Here is the catch! You will soon realise that mindfulness isn't about changing our children, it is actually about changing ourselves. And that's where the magic begins!

Come along and relax in True Food and Yoga's beautiful space and get inspired!
Shirley will wow you! Since mindful parenting is very much applicable to dads too, this event is open to all the amazing mothers and fathers out there!
Wine and delicious True nibbles included.

We can wait to elighten you!

Karina and Kelly xx