Reach your goals without stressing


  What if you could change your habits into effective ones? What if you could succeed effortlessly? What if you could enjoy the ride to your achievements? Retreat from your day-to-day and rediscover the energy

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Women’s Wellness Workshop


WOMEN’S WELLNESS WORKSHOP Join Balancing Act and True Food and Yoga for an afternoon of yoga beats, mindfulness, healthy snacks & a creative workshop led by the amazing Tracy Manu, Auckland based women’s coach and mentor. This hands on wellness

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Women’s Wellness Urban Day Retreat


Join Balancing Act’s community at the next Urban Retreat for an afternoon dedicated to your self-care in our favourite wellness sanctuary by the beach – KOHIMARAMA YACHT CLUB – With beautiful 360 views of the waterfront, I am super

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Mindful Parenting Evening


In collaboration with Kelly from TRUE Food and Yoga we bring to you a unique and insightful evening. Come along and learn about mindful parenting with Shirley Pastiroff from Renew Your Mind. Shirley counsellor and mother of 5 specialises

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Mummy Makeup Workshop


The amazing makeup Artist Eleanor Dorn will be sharing with us; her makeup tips and tricks so you can GLOW. 28 June 2016 9/7 Cliff Road St.Heliers  

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Is it Wine Time Yet?! – Workshop


This workshop is all about balancing, juggling finding space, and exploring the reasons why women are so stretched for time, with overstuffed schedules. 26 May 2016 9/7 Cliff Road St.Heliers  

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