This conscious hippy mama is passionate about all things natural, organics and chemical free and wellness of course!

Meet Fliss, the talented mother of 3 boys. Founder of The Healthy Hippy, a fantastic health and wellness website offering tips, tricks and tools to keep you and your family healthy naturally.
I’ve caught up with this mama to find out how she looks after herself as a busy mum and her top tips to raise healthy kids.

What is your morning routine?
I always start the day by rehydrating with a large glass of warm water. Followed by another large glass of warm alkalising lemon water – always with a straw to save my teeth!
Ideally I’d get a chance to do some light yoga or vitality exercises but in winter I’ve found this increasingly challenging!
Then it’s time for breakfast followed by making lunches and getting the kids organised and out the door for the school run which is not dissimilar to herding cats.

What is your approach to holistic health for the family?
There’s no silver bullet, not one singular thing that will make you, or keep you healthy, and we are what we repeatedly do. As my Dad would say, Eat Well and Exercise, it’s up to EWE!
We eat for energy (and sometimes just because we love to) but mainly food is fuel and food is medicine. I try and keep the kids ‘in balance’ as best as I can myself, but I also have a holistic health toolbox that I utilise when need be, this includes things like Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Contact Care, and a few other things.

How did you start The Healthy Hippy?
It actually started as a page on IG with a focus on easy recipes for little kids, and to communicate easy ways to be/stay healthy. Partly because my friends and family were getting sick of hearing me go on about my latest health freak find. I renamed and started writing blogs and decided to curate a collection of things that I love to use which are all natural, organic and chemical free. For me, I guess it’s Health v 2.0 and my aim is to share information that’s a little less well known – watch this space.

What is a typical breakfast for you and the family?
Depending on the day of the week – in the weekends its banana buckwheat pancakes with all the extras, but during the week our new winter fave is millet porridge with coconut yoghurt, mixed berries and caramelised bananas. So nourishing, warming, and a great start to the day for busy boys! For my husband who isn’t an early breakfast fan I’ll make a smoothie for him to take to work.

What snacks do you keep handy for the kids?
Bananas. We go through a lot of bananas. They love bliss balls too. When we’re travelling we’ll prep a snack pack with popcorn, bliss balls, fruit, and crackers for the car.

What are your top health tips for mums?
Practise your diaphragmatical breathing as much as possible
Take a good multivitamin and supplement with Vitamin D especially in winter (and even more so if breastfeeding)
You can’t pour from an empty cup, schedule some time to nourish yourself

How do you find the right balance between your children, husband, business, home and YOU?
Great question! I’m not sure I do to be honest, it’s really challenging. I feel it’s a constant juggling act and sometimes I get it right and sometimes not so much. It’s totally a work in progress and with demands that can change daily (only natural with three kids 5 and under) it’s never the same one day to the next! I guess I’m learning to not be so hard on myself, and to let things go (who cares if the house is messy right?).

Your favourite recipe at the moment….
My fave new breakfast
Millet porridge + coconut yoghurt + mixed berries heated gently in a pot with vanilla, grated ginger and orange or lemon zest + caramelised bananas.
To caramelise the bananas, heat up your frypan (I always use cast iron) and add coconut oil, when hot, add sliced banana and sprinkle coconut sugar on top, when starting to brown on the underside, flip the banana and sprinkle on a little more coconut sugar. So simple but utterly delicious!