kateGoing through today’s different “new” diets and health information can definitely be confusing.

We’ve tried it all – from quitting sugar to the Paleo diet and everything in between including juice detox diets.

But what actually works?

Eating well doesn’t have to be difficult and shouldn’t be a passing trend.

Kate Walker, Director at Lifespark Nutrition gives us an insight on her eating habits.

So before we jump on the next fad, let’s get inspired by the professional!

What foods and drinks are part of your diet?

Lots of water! I aim to drink 2.5L of water per day to keep my head clear and energy levels up. I do like the occasional English Breakfast Tea with lemon and loving the new Red Seal hot or cold herbal teas.

Foods – vegetables would have to be the biggest intake of all. I put them in my smoothies, lunches, snacks and dinners. We get so many amazing phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre from them that you don’t need to rely on coffee to get you through day, your energy will come from the foods you eat (plus they contain water!)

My food is my multi vitamin. I try aim for 5 handfuls of low starch vegetables per day. I am more of a vegetables person than fruit but do get 1-2 pieces of fruit per day too.

I also aim for a couple of portions of protein per day like fish, chicken, eggs, protein powder, yoghurt, nuts and seeds. Protein is needed for constant growth and repair of the body along with important vitamins and minerals.

Favourite snacks on the go?

My Banana Coconut Clusters – I always have a batch of these made up and on hand as they are great when you need a boost or feel like something sweet (plus it only takes 5 minutes to make and no equipment!). Easy to fit in your handbag too!

Banana Coconut Clusters

What foods do you avoid?

All processed foods. biscuits, fast food, lollies, commercial chocolate (only eat 80% dark chocolate), anything that isn’t in a natural form. I try to think ‘if it doesn’t serve a positive purpose in the body, why consume it’.

How often do you eat?

I generally eat 3 meals and one snack. So breakfast, lunch and dinner plus an afternoon snack (even if it’s a handful of sliced carrots) as my dinners are usually quite late around 8pm so don’t like to leave a long gap between lunch and dinner.

I generally say to people, aim to leave no more than 5 hours between meals as you can get low blood sugar levels, tired or hungry and then eat the wrong foods.

How much alcohol do you drink?

Yes I am normal! I do like a nice glass of wine or champagne. I don’t drink during the week but will usually (not always) have a glass or two out for dinner or at a friend’s house or for a lower calorie option I will quite often pick a vodka, soda and fresh lime at a bar/restaurant.

How often do you grocery shop?

I generally grocery shop once a week. I go on Sundays and get all the meals and snacks prepped for the week. My motto ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’ I always write a shopping list and some meal ideas before I go in as it saves me time and money otherwise I end up buying things I don’t need.

Cover image by Viktor Hanacek